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Behind the Brand

Cali Star Entertainment™ is a multi-platform entertainment company created to inspire others to pursue possibility. The concept behind the Cali Star Entertainment™ logo begins with the alicorn, a majestic, mythical creature that combines both the unicorn and the pegasus. Both the unicorn and the pegasus, each in their own right, are rare and powerful beings that leave indelible impacts on the lives of all those who encounter them. The enchanting alicorn takes the mystical unicorn-pegasus evolution to the next level and unlocks even greater magic for all those who are graced by a glimpse of its presence.

Within the artwork bounds, the alicorn is depicted in mid-flight, which is representative of the exceptional talent and exhilarating dreams that Cali Star Entertainment™ will propel to new pinnacles. In stylizing the logo, the alicorn was purposely designed to be sphinx-like in nature, and the font and colors were crafted in a manner that invokes the empires established by ancient Egypt. These civilizations of old were able to spearhead innovative and earthshattering accomplishments, some of which remain unexplained to this day. Cali Star Entertainment™, like these empires, was birthed to usher in a new era of cultural triumphs for today and to leave an undying legacy for tomorrow and beyond.




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